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Alan R.


"Taking the Shot & Fusion before bed has significantly improved my sleep and using the Balm has had a hugely positive effect on the skin on my hands that usually dry out quickly through the day".


Bonni S.


"I have been very impressed with the immediately soothing nature of the No.9 Balm on the rough skin, sun damaged areas on the back of my hand. I am also seeing a definite overall improvement in the area generally since using the Balm for about 2 weeks so far.�?


Heather K


“Thank you so much for these products! Nigel suffers so much pain from his elbow but the balm has made his skin feel so much smoother. And I used the No.1 and No.3 and BOOM! I slept like a baby. We need these products in our house!�?


Dr Seema R.,


"I’ve tried CBD previously and normally it takes several days to have any effect on me, but I took the 2 products together around about 9pm and at 10.23 I started to feel sleepy. I normally wake up several times a night (water habits), but I slept all the way though. In fact, I think it was one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time so thank-you so much. I really think that this will be amazing in the clinic."


Richard D.


I owe you!
"I'm 73 years young when I'm on this product but without it I'm back to 73 years old: knees in pain, hip hurting and just general overall joint pain due to old age and arthritis. I would just like to say Thank You so much for these products they have really, really helped me and I will continue to be a loyal customer."


Keeley W.


"I took both the drops last night as per instructions and well what can I say I had the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. I woke up with no groggy feeling at all and was as fresh as a daisy for work. Thank you for sharing such a great product with me "


Jenna B.


"I've been on the No.3 on its own because travel has opened back up and my business has been on fire Taking this product has helped me focus and stay chilled. How do I get more? I need more and my hubby definitely needs this!"


Heath R.


"After taking the Fusion and Shot I was amazed to see my fitness watch reporting that I was getting much more REM sleep. I feel less groggy in a morning and more energetic during the day. I’ve struggled with anxiety for a few years so I use The Shot whenever I feel the first signs of it coming on to keep those feelings at bay. These products have had a hugely positive impact on me."


Laura G.


"No.1 and No.3. Together! Absorbed quicker, tastes better, no anxiety and felt really calmer."


Ellie Y.


"I had initially hurt my shoulder (too much time on the punching bag). I had cupping done as well as massage to try and relive the pain. It didn't really work but using the CBD Balm no.9, after several minutes it no longer felt like it was on fire and I got a better night's sleep as I was much more comfortable and no longer in pain!""