Product Detail

Introductory Product Pack £175.00


The Introductory Pack is a unique, one-time offer, available only to Consultants.
It’s only available as a one-time purchase because the price is so ridiculously low - £410 worth of Products for an amazing £175!
The Pack contains two of each of our 5 launch-range products – one for personal use and one to pass on, either as samples or as retail products to recoup your initial outlay (plus a bit extra).
The pack also attracts 60BV in Hub Bonus Commissions.

What you get?

Product Name Price(£) Quantity Total Price
No.1 The Shot 65.00 2 130.00
No.3 Fusion 25.00 2 50.00
No.6 Serum 40.00 2 80.00
No.9 Balm 40.00 2 80.00
No.7 Dream 35.00 2 70.00
Total 175 10 410.00