Who we are ?


When the founders of the Company initially met, there was an immediate and instinctive understanding of how we could combine the success of our ground-breaking, manufacturing expertise in the CBD market, with the dynamic sales channel of network franchising.

Our Passion is to enrich lives by combining the delivery of premium quality, unique products with innovative marketing solutions.
Your Rewards include the opportunity to be the absolute best you can be in all areas of your life including mentally, physically, spiritually and financially, through our unique Business Opportunity.

  Our unique partnership means that we’re flexible in everything we do and able to react, adapt, innovate and implement ideas, faster than any other player in the field of direct sales or CBD manufacture, whilst maintaining the very highest standards in every aspect of the product development process. We work with a whole team of legal, marketing, financial and production specialists behind us, based at our manufacturing units in the West Midlands.

Shaun Charity
Managing Director

With over 35 years’ experience in Direct Sales, Shaun has worked with many of the most dynamic, successful and recognised distributors in the industry.
A Business Studies graduate, he was formally elected to the Board of the DSA and has held senior corporate positions with some of the world’s most successful direct sales companies, before establishing his own businesses, based on integrity and transparency; qualities upon which he builds his life as well as his career. Legacy 369 represents everything Shaun looks to promote in life… great health and abundant wealth!

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Dean Burke
Operations Director

A formulations expert, Dean has been a leading pioneer in the CBD industry for most of his career. As a forward thinker, innovator and someone who oozes creativity, Dean has been creating award-winning products for the last four years.

Every year, without fail, at the CBD expo at the NEC, Dean has created products that have won prizes for innovation: best cream, best balm and numerous other CBD formulations. His products have featured in the Daily Mail, on Central News and in many other media, backed by testimonials from hundreds of customers and retail distributors who have given his products five-star reviews.
Driven by a unique passion for perfection and innovation, Dean takes enormous pride in saying that the 369 formulations are his best work yet; possibly, the best in the world!

Jay Locke
Sales Director

Having developed his leadership skills in the armed forces, Jay swiftly transferred them to mentoring sales teams in a variety of sectors from finance to health supplements, quickly building a reputation as a top earner in the direct sales industry. Today, as the Company’s main liaison in the field, he’s dedicated to using his wealth of experience to helping anyone who has a desire to become the very best they can be in life, through the adoption of our network franchising opportunity.

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